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Positive Thoughts Smokey Quartz Earrings

Positive Thoughts Smokey Quartz Earrings

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Prepare to be amazed by the enchanting beauty of our Positive Thoughts Smokey Quartz Earrings! These earrings are not just accessories, they are a symbol of elegance and positivity. They hang at a perfect 1.25" length, enhancing your natural grace. The stone accent, measuring .6", is made from silver-plated recycled metal, making it an eco-friendly choice that radiates style and sustainability. And guess what? These earrings are nickel-free, ensuring comfort and peace of mind.

Let's talk about the powerful smokey quartz semi-precious stone featured in these earrings. Known as the embodiment of "clarity and amplification," it reflects its resilient nature. Its name derives from the German word "quartz," meaning hard mineral - a testament to its enduring beauty. From casual outings to date nights or even at the office, these earrings effortlessly elevate any ensemble. With their simple yet classy design, they are a must-have for everyday wear.

Learn more about the talented artisans who passionately create these jewelry pieces as part of our India Collection. By choosing ethical fashion, you're making a conscious choice for both people and the planet.

Earrings hang 1.25". Pendant measures .6". Made from silver-plated recycled metal and smokey quartz semi precious stone. Nickel-free.

Learn more about the women who make the jewelry in our India Collection.


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