We're women investing in women.

Fair Anita is a social enterprise that's all about empowering women from around the world through dignified jobs and fair trade relationships.
Our talented artisan partners carefully design and create all products by hand—gorgeous accessories you can be proud to wear!

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How to Design a Better Business

If you've been following Fair Anita for a while, you've likely heard us share this fact: financial insecurity is the #1 reason women stay in abusive relationships. When we build supply chains for highly skilled marginalized women to sell their work, we give them a tool to acknowledge their past but look forward to the future. By creating a better way to do business, we can design a world we w…

5 Things I've Learned in My 5th Year Running a Social Enterprise

We made it. Apparently only 50% of small businesses survive 5 years in business, and here we are, having just completed our 5th year. I've literally had to check that my math is right multiple times, as it feels rather unbelievable that this has been my full-time gig for that long.  In most ways, we still feel very much like a small start-up business (just ask my scrappy Operations Manager BF…