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Fair Anita is a social enterprise that's all about empowering women from around the world through dignified jobs and fair trade relationships.
Our talented artisan partners carefully design and create all products by hand—gorgeous accessories you can be proud to wear!

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Inspiring Feminist Quotes

Check out these short, inspiring feminist quotes by powerful women from around the world.  Which one do you resonate with most? What are your favorite feminism quotes?  Share with us!Check out our blog post on Inspiring Fair Trade Quotes.…

What’s the difference? Fair trade vs free trade and why it matters

Two terms that often get confused are fair trade and free trade. While fair trade and free trade sound similar, they are polar opposites. There’s much more accountability and transparency when it comes to products that are made in a fair trade setting than traditional factories and sweatshops. Here are some of the key differences between fair trade versus free trade:1. WagesWith fair trade product…