Cute + Ethical + Affordable

We teamed up with talented artisans worldwide to design ridiculously cute gifts + accessories that invest in women and fit your budget.

Here at Fair Anita, you never have to wait for a sale to wear your values.

We believe accessories should be stylish, affordable, and thoughtfully-sourced.

We partner with 8,000 super-talented women worldwide, striving to build a more inclusive economy for women. Our artisan partners earn 2-4x minimum wage, health insurance, and educational scholarships. Our 19 partner cooperatives, besides paying artisans fair wages, also invest back into their communities!
We practice environmental stewardship. Our innovative partners use sustainable materials: recycled metal, organic cotton, and upcycled fabrics/materials in many of their creations. We participate in carbon offset programs + ship everything to you with 100% reused packaging. Reusing materials keeps our costs down so it's always affordable for you!
Ensuring women feel safe, respected, and valued no matter their geography will always be the core of what we do. But, how we do that and how we talk about it may change over time. That's okay; evolving and always striving to be better is how we believe business should be done.

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