Team Cambodia

Our partners in Cambodia have built two beautiful workshops, employing over 200 artisans. We chose to partner with this cooperative because of their innovative practices in sustainability. Not only do they employ differently-abled women and make sure workshops are appropriately equipped to resource each artisans’ strength, but their focus on sustainability is exceptional. In a garden out back, they grow organic cotton (plus the artisans’ daily lunch!) that is used to create products: ensuring fair trade practices throughout every aspect of the supply chain. 

Located in the bustling capital city of Phnom Penh, this workshop was once the family home to the organization’s amazing leader, Anak. With polio still a common disease in Cambodia, often as a result of US bombings in the area, many of the artisans here are differently-abled. This workshop now houses a screen printing workshop, a sewing workshop, and a store on the second level. 

In an outer province of Cambodia, lays this beautiful facility that is frequently used for training. Sewers come here for months of training before they begin working from home, and many artisans choose to use this workshop as their permanent workplace. Not only does it house another sewing workshop, but it also consists of a substantial organic garden full of homegrown food and cotton. They’re growing the fair trade organic cotton that they later weave into fabric, right outside! 

Altogether, our Cambodian partners produce our high-quality and very durable canvas bags made from organic cotton + factory seconds. Factory seconds is fabric that is leftover from large factories, this fabric is saved from waste and purchased to be used in many of our designs.