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Affirm Cuff

Affirm Cuff

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Your feelings are valid.

This stunning bracelet, crafted from recycled brass-plated or silver-plated metal, not only adds a touch of style to your outfit but also serves as a reminder that your feelings are valid.

Not only is the Affirm Cuff a fashion statement, but it also represents your commitment to fair trade and ethical fashion. Our jewelry is lovingly handcrafted by talented women in our India Collection, ensuring that every piece carries a story of positive change.

With its fully adjustable design and nickel-free composition, this cuff offers both comfort and versatility. Express yourself confidently while making a conscious choice for sustainable fashion.

Let the Affirm Cuff be a constant reminder of what you value - compassion, authenticity, and embracing all emotions. Elevate your style while making a difference with this fashion-forward accessory.

Bracelet is made from recycled brass-plated or silver-plated metal.  Nickel-free.  Fully adjustable.

Learn more about the women who make the jewelry in our India Collection.


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