Sustainable Bamboo Utensil Set

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We've gone rogue. 

For good reason, we promise. While up until this point we've sold exclusively jewelry, clothing, and accessories, we now have sustainable bamboo utensil and straw sets.  Why?

  1. Because it's time to ditch the plastic.
  2. Because we couldn't find a fair trade option ourselves.
  3. Because bamboo is a fast-growing, sustainable option.
  4. Because our artisan partners have the capacity to make them, and we're all about creating more fair trade jobs for women!

Yup, it's kind of random. But we don't really care. Like every one of our products, it's about creating a better planet for us all.

It's also about time that we announce our program to go carbon neutral (hopefully carbon negative!) as an organization. Earlier this summer, a report was releasedshowing the best locations to plant trees to help erase 100 years of carbon emissions. Turns out, many of the best areas in the world to focus on reforestation are where our artisan partners are located, so we're working hand-in-hand with women around the world to implement tree-planting programs in the communities where we work. Your purchases make this possible!

We're doing our best to be a company that's both good for the planet and good for the people who inhabit it. Thank you for being part of our community <3

Made from sustainable bamboo.  Reusable fork, knife, and spoon in a handwoven, organic cotton bag. 

Learn more about the women who make the products in our Vietnam Collection.

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Perfect for the Eco-friendly Lunch Box
Written by Jessica McIntyre on Oct 2nd 2019

I've been using the utensil set for about a week and absolutely love them! They're perfectly light-weight and I love the little pouch to easily add them to my lunch bag. Super easy to clean and use!

Sustainable Bamboo Utensil Set
Written by Christine Cundall on Sep 4th 2019

Very nice, serrated edge knife a good idea. Perhaps add chopsticks