Why Fair Anita Uses The Language We Do

Why Fair Anita Uses The Language We Do

Why Fair Anita Uses The Language We Do

Here at Fair Anita, we are particular about the language we use because words matter. Everything we say as people has an effect on someone or something, so choosing our words carefully and with intentionality is important to us. We choose to use words that highlight our values we stand for.

Here are four ways we pay careful attention to language:

  1. We never use words like “helps” or “saves,” as this implies that we are the reason that artisans are capable of accomplishing things, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. Making it seem like they are helpless or incapable is not only a dated way of thinking, but harmful to them. No one wants to be seen in that light, and we are not going to treat them as if their feelings aren’t valid. They are amazing people who work hard and don’t need saving. Implying such a harmful stereotype does nothing but further people’s bais. We are simply proud to collaborate with such talented partners so we can all achieve our goals!
  1. We talk about partnering with “women.” In a world that’s moving away from a gender binary (hooray!), we are cognizant that this language choice could be othering, but at this time, the *large majority* of the 8,000 partners we work with identify as women, and we don’t want to ignore that power (despite marginalization) that they hold. Women do face unique challenges, and we want to recognize this gender equity imbalance as it is experienced across the world.
  1. We choose to use “artisan partners” instead of “our artisans” because the word “our” can imply ownership. We take pride in our collaborative supply chains and building a business based on everyone’s strengths and skills throughout the supply chain, so using a word like “our” would convey the wrong message.
  1. We also try our best to be extremely transparent in everything we do, we never want to give you false information nor do we want to give you a false narrative. You may see a lot of companies starting to use buzzwords such as “going green” or “eco-friendly” and being performative allies just to secure a purchase. Oftentimes, in all reality, they don’t tell you how they are actually “going green”. We make sure to tell you when and how we are ethical and sustainable. We do this by showing you what products are made of, where they come from, and how they are made.

It’s important to us to make sure we are choosing our words with intention and consideration for the people in the spaces we occupy. What we say helps shape the way in which people view Fair Trade, sustainability, and other topics. So, when we pay attention to details such as the language we use, we are able to bring things to you in the right light. Because the words we use hold weight, are meaningful and powerful.

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