Why Choosing Ethical Gifts Matters

Why Choosing Ethical Gifts Matters

Celebrating this holiday season will be simply different in so many ways. For instance, many business supply chains are still struggling this year. The effects of the global pandemic are real, and most have not recovered.

As the economy slowly recovers and the demand increases, many businesses cannot bring back inventories compared to pre-pandemic times. With this in mind, the inventory-to-sales ratios keep dropping. This means that this holiday season, gift-giving will be a tricky one. Inventories of both small and big businesses cannot attend to the demand of the consumers.

Being the small business that we are, we have been lucky enough to avoid the struggles of traditional supply chains. Our collaboration supply chains have allowed us to make use of recycled and sustainable materials. Although, we are still not immune to shipping challenges, which slows down the availability of our best-selling products.

This year, we invite you to shop early and to keep supporting ethical brands. In doing so, you allow small businesses like Fair Anita to keep on thriving amidst these trying times.

Here are some of the reasons why ethical gifts matter this holiday season:

It’s all about mindfulness while spending 

Mindfulness is a continuous practice, and the philosophy behind this mindset can be practiced in how we spend. Instead of compulsive buying here and there, consciously be aware of how you are spending your hard-earned money. So, when buying gifts for your loved ones, think about the impact of your purchase. Spend on gifts that are meaningful both to you and the recipient.

Shop your values

A great way to share your values with others is by shopping from brands that truly matter to you. Are you a big supporter of fair trade? Do you value products that are sustainable and eco-friendly? Giving gifts that are aligned with your values is a fun way to promote what you believe in!

You are voting for a better world!

Ethical brands, like Fair Anita, make an effort to offer products that are good for people and the planet! A lot of thought is put into action to ensure sustainability and equitability. Sure, there’s a long way to go, but all these efforts will slowly build towards a better world for all.

As you spend your dollar this holiday season, use this purchasing power for the betterment of all!

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