Who benefits from Fair Trade?

Who benefits from Fair Trade?

Who benefits from Fair Trade?

The answer to this question is simple. Everyone should benefit from fair trade. This includes everyone from the producers to the people who are buying the beautifully made products. Why should everyone benefit? Because that is what is fair.

Fair Trade Producers

Not only do the fair trade producers benefit from fair trade, but so do their families. Because fair trade producers are paid a fair wage, typically around 3x the minimum wage of the country that they live, producers are able to invest. They invest in their families, sending their children off to school and providing healthy stable meals. Here we can see intergenerational impact from fair trade. At Fair Anita, we are passionate about creating fair jobs that allow women who are survivors of sexual or domestic abuse the opportunity to leave their relationships or become more respected in their homes.

“Because of fair trade work, we’re able to raise our children differently. We’re able to provide them with education. We have a better living standard than before. Before, the small children didn’t have shoes to wear, but now, the children go to school and have clothes to wear. We have our own transport, a motorbike. We’re able to save some of our earnings and invest in buying more animals, like chickens and cows.” – Cambodian artisan

Fair Trade Communities

Artisans give back and invest in their communities. We know that women on average invest 80-90 cents of every dollar back into their families and communities. When creating a fair trade company, fair trade producers are the heart of our organization and it is so important that not only the producers benefit but their families and communities do as well. To learn more about how fair trade benefits producers and how this can impact their communities, read about why Fair Anita traveled to Cambodia in 2019.


Because of the time and love poured out into all of our fair trade pieces, we want you, our customer, to benefit from fair trade practices as well. Here at Fair Anita, we work hard to keep our price points low so you have access to trendy affordable ethical fashion. When you need to buy a new piece of jewelry or find a gift for a friend, we want you to have access to fair trade pieces that don’t break the bank. When you know that the piece of clothing that you are wearing or the earrings you have on have been made with love and under empowering working conditions, you can feel proud to be a part of the fair trade movement. And you should feel good knowing that your purchases do make a difference.

“I appreciate the quality and innovative design at very reasonable prices. One of the few merchants supporting social causes I can contribute to on account of the price points.” - Fair Anita Customer

To learn more about how Fair Anita creates impact through our fair trade methods read our Fourth Annual Benefit Report

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