What’s your Sustainable Style?

What’s your Sustainable Style?

Style is a reflection of one’s personality. Fashion is a creative expression of one’s aesthetics as much as a reflection of one’s stand on consumerism or, to put it simply--- one’s attitude and habit towards shopping.

The key in shopping is knowing your style and values. At first, it’s difficult to shrug off old habits to shop for the sake of shopping or simply because we want to be up-to-date with the latest fashion. BUT the latest in fashion is not necessarily always the right choice, especially if producing these goods is at the expense of others and the environment.

Shop Your Values

Fair Anita offers cute + ethical + affordable jewelry, accessories, and clothing that stays true to Fair Trade principles. We continuously promote sustainable and changemaking fashion. This is why we provide resources and options so you can discover your style and values through ethically-made products.

And now, we made it super easy for you -- check out our curated collections so you can effortlessly find your sustainable style.

Turquoise Sustainable Earrings

Bold + Trendy

This collection is all about standing out with your jewelry! If your style is about making statements, this collection is definitely for you. Have fun wearing a unique pair of dangling earrings or layered necklaces and stacked brass bangles that command attention! Express your boldness and glamour with this collection.

Sustainable neutral earrings | Fair Anita

Earthy and Eco-Vibes

Are you all for Mother Earth as we are? The theme of this collection is all eco which includes jewelry made from recycled materials like leather and horns. Discover pieces that are inspired by nature, like our favorite Desert Storm Earrings! Apart from jewelry, we added our sustainable bamboo sets here too.

Dainty Sustainable Earrings | Fair Anita

Delicate + Minimalist

While for others, jewelry is the main attraction to their ensemble, some want to stick with simple forms and shapes to complement our outfit. Sounds like you? Well then, you’ll enjoy this curated treasure of jewelry! We mixed rings, earrings, bangles, and necklaces that you can match with each other to pull off a minimalist look.

Classic sustainable Earrings | Fair Anita

Classic + Easy to Wear

Do you need pieces that you can wear daily and something you can put on without frills? This collection is just it, y’all! Our Classic + Easy to Wear is composed of basic pieces that exude an elegance that’s too easy to pair with your wardrobe.

Still can’t decide which curated collection is best for you? Take our Sustainable Style Quiz.

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