What it means to be a sustainable company

What it means to be a sustainable company

The word sustainability has become quite the buzzword as of late. Businesses everywhere are scrambling to align their marketing and supply chains as sustainable to catch their customers attentions and bring in new customers. In this new age of consumerism, it matters where you shop and where your dollar goes, and companies hear that and are reacting to the changing economic climate. But what does this mean for consumers? All good things!

Sustainability comes in all shapes and sizes. It can range from a small business reusing boxes to ship orders to customers, to a large corporation switching to a zero waste production system. But no matter the size, every bit of sustainable action makes a difference.

As a small company, we at Fair Anita are always looking for ways to make our business more sustainable. How you might ask? Check out below to learn more about our sustainable practices!

Reusing Materials

In the age of Amazon, and online shopping, you can imagine the amounts of boxes that pile up in landfills and recycling centers. But here at Fair Anita we work to re-use these boxes whenever possible. The goal of being a sustainable business is to work to limit the amount of natural resources you are consuming as a whole. By reusing boxes, we are limiting our carbon footprint and giving these boxes a second home.

Did you also know that we use recycled styrofoam pieces to ship our stud earrings? How cool is that? We partner with a local furniture store and they provide us with their leftover styrofoam pieces that otherwise would go in the trash.

We also use Muslin Bags for our items instead of the usual plastic bags other companies might use. This allows our customers to reuse these bags for whatever they want, whether it’s to hold more of their Fair Anita items, or to store their sunglasses as a makeshift glasses case, we are reducing our footprint by not putting more plastic bags in the landfills. And when you are done with them, the cotton will decompose a lot quicker than petroleum plastic. They’re also food safe: you can use the little ones as a reusable tea bag, if you’d like!

Designing with Sustainable Materials

The biggest way to be a sustainable company is to incorporate recycled materials into your product line. We have many different methods of designing with recycled materials. For instance check out our recycled bullet casing jewelry:

Upcycled Bullet Case long earrings | Fair AnitaBrass and leather upcycled bullet casings bracelet | Fair AnitaSilver plated upcycled artillery short necklace | Fair Anita

These stylish pieces are made by women in Ethiopia who use recycled bullet casings from the Ethiopia/Eritrea war. By using materials like these, we are repurposing these natural resources to give them a second life.

We also use recycled horn and bone pieces in our jewelry from our Artisans in India. We partner with a local butcher shop, so no part of the animal goes to waste. All of these styles have limited quantities, as we don’t want to incentivize the killing of animals. Check out the trendy jewelry styles below to see how we reimagined these natural resources and gave them a new purpose:

Upcycled Horn silver loop earringsfreeform upcycled horn earrings | Fair AnitaUpcycled Bone Necklace | Fair Anita

Remote Workforce

We don’t have a traditional workforce. You can catch Fair Anita workers typing away in their local Starbucks, their own homes, and their local libraries. We strive to reduce our overhead, and also our carbon footprint, by not having a traditional office space that would consume more energy and natural resources. 

Do you have other ideas on how we can be more sustainable?  We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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