What is Ethical Fashion?

What is Ethical Fashion?

How would you define “Ethical Fashion”? 

Ethical fashion encompasses the use of ethical fashion design, production, retail, and purchasing. It means that a company has agreed to abide by the ethical treatment of workers, fair wages, and a sustainable production supply chain, among many other things. Whether it’s paying a local seamstress a fair wage to produce your very own clothing line, or only buying makeup that is cruelty free, you are investing in ethical fashion and choosing to use your dollar for good!

Ethical Fashion in simple terms means that a company has pledged to treat others with respect and dignity, take care of the planet, and be transparent about their company standards and supply chain.

Being an ethical fashion company to us means we pay our artisan groups fair prices for their products, and invest in the artisan’s futures as we grow as a business and build our partnerships. We pledge to be transparent about our groups and the work we do with them, so you, the consumer, can follow along and understand the love and hard work that goes into your purchase. When you choose to support ethical fashion, you help to push bigger less ethical companies closer towards eliminating unfair wages and unethical working conditions.

Ethical fashion is important for many reasons, but to us it is most important because we get the opportunity to help women in other countries escape their situations and help to teach them about empowerment. Together we are stronger and we are committed to investing in these talented women and their craft- and we are happy you are too!

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