Ways to Support Fair Trade

Ways to Support Fair Trade

The whole month of October is globally known as Fair Trade Month! This long month celebration is dedicated to raising awareness and continuously promoting the essence of Fair Trade in adopting change in how we do things for the benefit of both people and the planet.

Supporting fair trade should not stop as we near the end of October! To make an impact through fair trade is a continuous undertaking, which requires a constant, conscious effort as we live our daily lives. You might think this could be such a laborious and tiresome endeavor, but you can do it--- one day at a time.

Simple Ways to Support Fair Trade

  • Keep supporting your favorite fair trade certified brands all year round. Whether you are purchasing for yourself or others, make shopping from ethical brands your first choice.
  • Be an ambassador in your way! If you love a sustainable brand, tell your family and friends all about it. Word of mouth is a powerful tool to raise awareness.
  • Leave a personal and authentic review of your purchase when you buy online. New customers look into reviews and ratings when they shop online. Your words can influence them to make that purchase.
  • Talk about fair trade through social media. Make use of your digital presence by telling stories about why you support fair trade. Dedicate a post on your feeds, create reels, or anything really that you are most comfortable doing to get the message across.
  • Expand your list of ethical brands to shop from!
  • Share or forward the website link of your favorite fair trade brands for your connections to discover.
  • Though social interaction is still limited, there are still many ethical brands with a brick and mortar. Schedule a visit and check out the store in person. By showing up, you are displaying appreciation for the brand’s effort to maintain a space that showcases ethically made products.
  • Do you love organizing Zoom parties just to catch up with your family and friends? How about tweaking the theme into a fair trade OOTD party! This would encourage others to show up online proudly wearing their fair trade picks.
  • Stay up to date by reading news about fair trade. In doing so, you might find better ways to incorporate fair trade values into your lifestyle.

The little things we do can certainly open a path to true change. You may not realize the outcome of your choices at the moment, but in reality, once we look at the bigger picture, we are part of the grand orchestra. No matter how small you feel your contribution is, the impact may be more significant than what you have expected! 

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