Valuing Inclusivity & Diversity

Valuing Inclusivity & Diversity

Prejudice is based on assumptions and unconscious bias that are often rooted in our preconceived ideas--- whether our biases are toward gender, sexuality, disability, ethnicity or status. To be frank, we are not free of these biases, it is something that everyone has based on their lived experience, but overcoming our biases and keeping an open mind is vital if you want to value inclusivity and diversity.

In the workplace, prejudice is a common occurrence. Our life journeys and experiences are influenced by many factors such as privilege and discrimination. These premature judgments work against people and facts being that prejudice feeds on our assumptions. However, the more that we become aware of these judgments, the more we can give value to inclusiveness and diversity.

At Fair Anita, we are all about creating a more equitable world that’s why we strive for more than having fair partnerships but also partnering with cooperatives that continue working with their local communities. We collaborate globally with different artisans providing opportunities that are based on diversity and inclusion.

As a Fair Trade Certified organization, we are committed to non-discrimination based on grounds of gender, race, religion, sexuality, or religion. We proudly partner with 18 cooperatives all over the world that lead with values of inclusion. Here are a couple of examples of the amazing partnerships that exemplify inclusiveness. The cooperative we work with in Peru values equity and economic opportunity for marginalized makers. This cooperative has built a workshop that is a safe haven especially for women with disabilities or who have children with disabilities. And, in Ethiopia, we work with a cooperative that employs women who are often considered outcasts of their society. This cooperative invites women in need of security to access skill training, health insurance, and stable jobs.

Reasons to Promote Inclusion

Fostering happiness among the workforce: When an individual feels included, they develop a better sense of belongingness and confidence in themselves --- boosting their morale as a collective.

Innovative workplace: Placing value to inclusivity and diversity produces an environment filled with growth, creative thinking, and collaboration. When ideas are heard, workers are kept inspired.

Sense of achievement through work: Individuals are more motivated when their voices are heard, which pushes them forward to produce confidence in their skills and knowledge.

Creating a culture of inclusion builds a solid foundation for connection, belongingness, and engagement. Diversity and inclusion are paramount in growing and sustaining an equitable workplace. It is not about compromise but rather a mindset that is rooted in respect, consideration, and dignity. 

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