Sustainability: Where To Start?

Sustainability: Where To Start?

As our world gets more connected, it becomes so much easier to learn about what is happening all over the planet. As an effect of this, we now know how much people influence the planet. As I have learned about how my habits affect the earth, I have found myself pondering how I can be more sustainable. There are simple steps to start, and there is no need to jump right in and buy a tiny house, powered by the sun with a compostable toilet. Just keep it simple, and slowly learn how to you can build a sustainable lifestyle

So, sustainability, where to start?

1. Reduce the amount of plastic that you are using. 

This can mean bringing your own bags to the grocery store, using reusable containers for leftovers (that’s right no more ziplock bags needed), or even purchasing waste free bathroom products like shampoo bars.

2. Drive less. 

This one is tricky for me, I commute to work almost every day and it's too far away to bike and not on a convenient bus route. However, small steps can be taken. On your days off try and find local places to enjoy. Do you have a restaurant on a bus route that you love, take the bus! Or maybe there is a coffee shop in walking distance you can visit rather than going to the one across town.

3. Reduce water consumption. 

This one sound simple. But I get it after a long day at work sometimes you just want to take a nice long hot shower. If this is your thing, try to take only one longer shower a week, keep the rest of them short and you will not only save water, but you will see that water bill go down.

4. Shop sustainable. 

Overconsumption is a huge problem in our world today. We can solve that by reducing the number of items that we bring into our home and by making the ones that we do bring in sustainable. And buying sustainable does not have to be expensive. Try thrift shopping, depending on where you live it can be easy to get a pair of jeans for around $15 and you are not causing more waste in the process. Or you can shop from businesses that reuse materials in their products, often they can cut prices when not using raw materials. For example, our Chile Collection uses 100% recycled brass, silver or copper and are priced around $20.

Sustainability, like anything, just takes practice, you don’t have to jump right in. Ease into a new lifestyle and find out what works for you or how you can make something work better. Once you have incorporated one new sustainable practice into your lifestyle, add another, and soon you won’t even remember the last time you even purchased a ziplock bag.

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