Organize Your Jewelry and Accessories

Organize Your Jewelry and Accessories

Organize Your Jewelry and Accessories

Do you love jewelry like us? Are you starting to get overwhelmed with your jewelry collection? Have your necklaces reached a state of being indistinguishable because they are all lumped together? Have you been losing your earrings here and there?

If this is the case, we think it’s time for you to start organizing your beautiful jewelry! There are many ways to store your jewelry from aesthetically displaying them as decors while not in use to investing in functional storage options that are affordable. You can even DIY your own jewelry organizer--- the process may even be more meaningful as you rediscover hidden jewelry treasures. There are fun ways by DIYing your jewelry and accessories nook

Organizing your jewelry gives you an idea how many you have. By being aware of how much you have, you can also sort out what you use the most and which ones you have to start letting go. You can also use the time organizing your jewelry as a chance to start decluttering.

Here are some inspirational jewelry storage ideas for your home:

Display your jewelry by using driftwood hangings

Add a bohemian feel to your home by turning a driftwood to wall hangings. Add hooks to your driftwood where you can hang your precious necklaces. When you are not wearing your necklaces, they can serve as decors to your space.

Upcycle wooden boxes or crates

Wooden boxes and crates have their own charm! They easily complement a space with indoor plants for a more earthy vibe. If you have wooden boxes not in use at home, this is your chance to get creative. Otherwise, you can choose to buy from thrifted shops and give a new life to used wooden boxes. You can add dividers for the box by using recycled cardboards. In this way, you can use the box to separate your necklace, earrings, rings, and bracelets from each other!

You might also just love this one! It’s our Feminine Figure Mango Keepsake Box. You can use this to store your studs + rings by your bedside.

Use framed metal mesh hanged on your wall

Do you love statement dangling earrings like us? This type of organizer is best to use for earrings with fish hooks! You can hang your earrings on the screen mesh to keep them organized.

Turn an unused tiered dish into a jewelry stand

Create your own jewelry stand by reusing a tiered dish. Designate each layer for your earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces. This will also keep your jewelry visible to you and be reminded of what you have before purchasing for new ones.

Store them using Fair Anita jewelry organizers

Do you have a small space? Though our jewelry organizers are meant to help you store your jewelry while traveling, they also make great choices if you prefer space saving jewelry organizers! Our jewelry organizers are made from handwoven organic cotton and screen printed eco-friendly dyes by women artisans we work with.

Remember that it’s more sustainable to prolong your jewelry and accessories. You are giving justice to the makers behind every piece by taking good care of them.

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