How to Stay Involved with Ethical Fashion

How to Stay Involved with Ethical Fashion

Thank you so much for participating in our month of #changemakingfashion challenges. I’m am always glad when I can learn alongside a community of changemaking women. Now that the month is nearing an end, I thought it would be prudent to talk about where we go from here. How do we stay involved with ethical fashion? How do we continue learning and growing and pushing organizations to build the most ethical + sustainable brand possible?

Here are a couple of ideas.

  1. Continue to follow along. A few accounts I wouldn’t never stop following are @fashionrevolution @remakeourworld and @payupfashion
  2. Support brands you LOVE. If you love an ethical brand, make sure you follow them on social media, engage with their content, tell your friends about them, and purchase from them if you need something new.
  3. Be mindful of your purchases. We don’t always need new everything. Being mindful of what we buy helps slow down our spending and bring in only things we love.
  4. Keep asking brands questions. We need to put pressure on fast fashion all year long if we want a fashion revolution. So keep asking brands #whomademyclothes and follow along with the #payup movement to keep putting pressure on brands to be better and invest in sustainable supply chains.

That’s it for now. It is so refreshing to know that we have a community of changemakers working together to build a more equitable world where all women can feel safe, valued, and respected no matter their geography. Thanks again for following along.

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