How to Improve Your Wardrobe by Accessorizing

How to Improve Your Wardrobe by Accessorizing

My mom positively influences my love for accessorizing! While growing up, I would see her dress up and add jewelry, a scarf, or a bag to her ensemble. This is perhaps the main reason I developed a love for collecting accessories. I loved that seemingly simple trinkets would have the power to give my look an added twist.

I invest more in jewelry and accessories because of this “magical power” to change an outfit. They can shift what you’re wearing from boring to stylish in an instant. In that case, you have the bonus of not having to spend too much money on clothing. In this case, you can mix and match your jewelry and accessories to accentuate your wardrobe, creating a new look to even the “that old thing?” category.

It’s enjoyable to dress up, especially if you see it as a form of creative expression. You can express your personality with your style. Isn’t fashion based on that principle --- expressing your aesthetics and sensibilities? I think that is one of the positive sides of fashion. Using fashion as a statement of self-expression goes deeper -- even to the core of one’s values. The discipline of dressing up then becomes full of intention, rather than just a mere way to “go with the crowd” whenever a new trend arrives.

Fair Anita offers a vast collection of jewelry and accessories that are made by women from different countries. More than that, these accessories and jewelry are made fair trade, which lends credence to the phrase “you are what you wear.” Talk about making a statement, don’t you agree?

Anyway, moving on... here are ways to improve your wardrobe with the power of accessorizing.

1. When choosing jewelry, try as much as possible to buy pieces to mix and match or complement each other. Decide which works for you and would align with your sense of aesthetics. For example, I love gold and also brass. Because of both metals’ color tones being near each other, I buy gold and brass pieces. Copper works too!

2. Determine your preference. Are you a minimalist, or do you like bold and statement jewelry? In knowing your favorite, you can keep a collection that works with each other, rather than collecting pieces that you are not able to use in the long run.

  • Simple studs would look lovely paired with a thin, delicate bracelet and necklace.
  • If you like bold pieces, it’s best not to pair too many altogether. Choose a bold piece and wear them one at a time, especially when worn nearer to each other, like earrings and a necklace.
  • Bold necklaces go well with simple earrings and bracelets. Bangles are an excellent addition too, as long as it does not clash with your bold necklace.

3. When and where would you like to wear your jewelry? Do you want to wear them as a daily staple? Do you need jewelry that you can wear every day that goes with most of your outfits? Would you like jewelry that pops out but casual to wear and can be worn on special occasions too? Knowing the “whens and what's,” you get to decide which pieces you want to add to your wardrobe.

  • Here’s a quick tip, a great way to look make a comfy tee really cute is by simply adding statement earrings!

4. Scarves are worn for their functionality, but I feel they are also dependent upon your look. For example, a bright pink scarf can give life to a black or neutral top.

Even when your clothing is composed of the basics, remember that you can always bring your A-Game by throwing in well thought out jewelry and accessories. 

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