How to Design a Better Business

How to Design a Better Business

If you've been following Fair Anita for a while, you've likely heard us share this fact: financial insecurity is the #1 reason women stay in abusive relationships. When we build supply chains for highly skilled marginalized women to sell their work, we give them a tool to acknowledge their past but look forward to the future. By creating a better way to do business, we can design a world we want to live in. In this inspirational video, listen to Fair Anita’s founder and CEO discuss how we designed not only sustainable supply chains, but developed human relationships. To showcase how we can build better businesses, Joy touches on how Fair Anita partners with an artisan group in Cambodia. There we developed:

“Fair trade partnerships centered around human relationships and made stronger through design.” - Joy McBrien.

Watch the video to learn more about how we can design a better future. 

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