How to Advocate for Ethical Fashion

How to Advocate for Ethical Fashion

It’s Fashion Revolution Week, such a critical week of education and engagement. But after this week ends, then what? How do we continue to advocate for ethical fashion and continue to educate others about the true cost of fast fashion?

Here are a few ideas to carry with you as we move forward past #fashionrevolution week.

Don’t Shame People.

Yup, ethical fashion is a super complicated topic considering we have all probably purchased clothing that was not made ethically. And feeling shame for that doesn’t do anyone any good. Let’s go forward with positivity and the hope that if we are all in this together, we can have a Fashion Revolution!

Get Excited About It.

If you have a piece of clothing or some jewelry from an ethical brand and a friend compliments you, tell them the story about it. Often, people don’t know what fair trade or ethically-made means, so this also serves as an educational tool to teach people about the basics. In my experience, this is a positive and upbeat way of sharing ethical fashion that gets people excited about fair trade and sustainable fashion.


Share your favorite ethical brand or influencers content on social media. We are all about education and love it when we can have a bigger audience to engage with.

Vote with your Dollars.

Buy from sustainable brands and be thoughtful when you do. Ethical brands wouldn’t exist without customers - so when you find something you need + love, it’s a win. If you don’t need anything right now, be sure to have a list of ethical brands to support waiting on the back burner when you need something new!

Support Ethical Brick-and-Mortar Stores.

They do exist! And there might even be one in your community. Buying locally from fair trade/conscious stores helps your local economy and supports small business owners. I know first hand that small brick-and mortar-stores do the hard work of curating the perfect pieces you will love. It’s even more work when they are checking the supply chains of the brands they sell. If there is one in your neighborhood, stop by and check them out.

Ask the Hard Questions.

Is there a brand you love but don’t know how ethical + sustainable they are? Look at their website and see if you can’t find any information. If you can’t, ask them about their practices, or even send them an email if you are confused about some of their practices, they might not be sharing all the information, or you asking will help encourage them to think deeper about the ethics of their supply chain.

That’s it. Being an advocate for ethical fashion does involve more than spending your money. Taking a little bit of time to engage makes a massive difference in creating a Fashion Revolution!

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