Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Hey Babes!

You didn’t think we’d leave you hanging after starting our biggest sale of the year did, you? Our team in the warehouse has compiled the perfect Fair Anita gift guide to cover all of your holiday gifting needs. Gifts for your mom, your bestie, your man, and we included a section for gifts to give to your Secret Santa at work.

We think anything would make an amazing gift- so if your idea didn’t make it to the gift guide go ahead and use yours! The gift guide is just here to help you fight decision fatigue.

We think that your mom deserves to be exactly as glamorous as she wants to be which is why one of our picks for her is the Luxe Brass Chunky Chain Bracelet. And the obvious choice for your mama is the Mama Script Necklace | Fair Anita in both sterling silver and pure recycled brass this necklace is all about simple elegance. Whose mom doesn’t need the perfect purse? We think the Mountain Paths Purse is exactly what she needs, gold colored cotton canvas, 100% upcycled materials, and eco-friendly white screen print dye come together in elegant design.

It’s 2023, turn the tables on your man and buy HIM some jewelry for the holidays. We think you should start with the Stately Striped Brass Ring designed with our newest team member (who is a guy *gasp* and wears this ring every day) in mind we think it is such an easy way to introduce your man to wearing rings. The perfect pair to the ring is our Hammered Brass Cuff, a simply designed brass cuff that has an easy-to-style and wear-hammered texture. It is adjustable but isn’t overly easy to adjust so it will stay true to the size you make it. Are you looking for the perfect bag for your man to use? We have you covered there too! The Voyager Leather Backpack is perfect for carrying your laptop and other essentials to the office every day, stylish enough to go out to a happy hour. It is a great size to be considered a personal item on any flight!

Your bestie deserves nothing but the best! Which is why we picked the Goldilocks Crossbody Purse. All three colorways of this bag are made from vegan leather factory seconds. It has a strap that extends up to 4 feet so that it can sit comfortably on anybody. And while the purple bag might be our favorite it is difficult to choose between the three, so best of luck to you on picking your besties color! The Delicate Glitz Brass Ring is the perfect middle ground between simplicity and elegance. It’s made from 100% recycled brass and adorned with cubic zirconia so this ring is perfect for EVERYONE! Honestly, we saved the best for last for your bestie, our BRAND NEW Birthstone Crystal Necklace and Earring Set! Each month’s crystals coordinate with your bestie’s birthstone and the card includes crystal properties.

Does your office ALWAYS do a Secret Santa? And you NEVER know what to buy for whoever you choose in the drawing? Don’t worry we have suggestions at every price point for you! The Trust The Universe Pendant Necklace has a double-sided pendant the front of the pendant is black enamel with brass cosmic accents and the back features a clear font that simply states “Trust the universe”. The Glow Cosmetic Bag features a beautiful black and white design on the outside and a stunning neon lining and is the perfect bag for holding all of your cosmetics or for use as a pencil pouch. Our Quote Cuffs come in so many different designs you will find the best quote for your Secret Santa. All designs come in brass and silver. The Universal Perspective Earrings are a beautiful gift to give. And can be styled easily. Perfect for anyone!

Thanks for shopping sustainably this holiday season! We can not wait to see what you buy for the people who matter the most in your life. Have a great holiday season and remember to take care of yourself when things get stressful.


Your Friends at Fair Anita

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