Fun Ways to Wear Your Brass Pins

Fun Ways to Wear Your Brass Pins

Fun Ways to Wear Your Brass Pins

Old school enamel pins have been back in style since 2015 and we don’t think it’s a trend that’s going to easily fade away. This ’90s fad has made its way back to mainstream and pop culture. Over the years, we have seen many versions, designs, and innovations in recreating the quirky pins!

Come to think of it, enamel pins are so much like the classic and sophisticated brooch that has evolved through time. It’s just amazing to witness the transition. With a creative mind, one can transform pins into both a fashion and purpose-driven accessory much like our Fair Anita Brass Pins.

We’ve expanded our brass pins this season and there are many ways you can use our statement pins to boost your style.

Pin them on your fave textile wallet

Give your wallet a new lift by adding statement pins. Stick with one or you can add as many. It depends on your taste.

Add more character to your denim jacket

Denim jackets are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe! If you are called to dress up your fave denim jacket, you can style it with a set of brass pins.

Decorate your fave bag

Tired and bored of your bag? You can give it a new look with our brass pins. Collect the pins that resonate with you and start pinning them to your old bag.

Pin to your favorite scrunchie, headband, baseball cap, or beanie

Take it to the next level. Decorate your cap or beanie with pins and get people to notice your sustainable style.

Accessory for a plain collar

Adding a pin to your plain collared top or dress is a fun and cool way to accessorize especially if you don’t feel like wearing other jewelry. Make a simple top into a head turner with a statement pin!

Use a brass pin to accessorize your scarf

Fall is just around the corner and we’re all getting ready with our scarves. Play with your ethically-made scarves and add more spunk with your Fair Anita statement brass pin.

Do you have other ideas on how to creatively make use of your Fair Anita Brass Pins? Tag us on social media and inspire us with your sustainable style. 

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