Entrepreneurship Tips from USA Women's Soccer Team Stars Tobin Heath and Christen Press

Entrepreneurship Tips from USA Women's Soccer Team Stars Tobin Heath and Christen Press

Our Fair Anita team has been finding a lot of value in the Stacy's Rise Project, through 1:1 mentorship with Pepsico staff, peer review with other mission-driven female entrepreneurs, and through the larger group mentorship sessions.  Most recently, we got to meet USA Women's Soccer team stars Tobin Heath and Christen Press. Beyond their undeniable skills on the field, they are tremendous advocates for women's rights, and they are successful entrepreneurs behind the brand Re-Inc.  They met up with us and shared some awesome tips on navigating entrepreneurship and their focus on sustainability.

On the danger of a single narrative. I asked them about their experience being put into a box with the singular identity as athletes, and how they navigate being in the public eye, often having others shape their public stories and personas. They shared that entrepreneurship has allowed them to show up as their authentic selves, as more than a jersey. 

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On the entrepreneurship journey.  People often describe entrepreneurship as a roller coaster-- I love how Tobin is all-in for taking the ride full throttle!  Lean into the chaos, acknowledge the beauty of being able to create a business, and enjoy the ride.

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On not being afraid to innovate. We see this a lot as an ethical + sustainable brand: sometimes, there are "ways of doing business" that don't align with our values. Instead of caving to what exists, how do we work to create a new option, to do things differently?

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On self-care as an entrepreneur. What are you doing (outside of work) to take care of you? They shared that while they're fully enjoying their roles in building Re-Inc, soccer is their release. They recommended making sure you have something physical to help balance your time and get those endorphins kickin.

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On intentionality and making tough decisions.  They explained that a lot of the "easy" choices mean following the status quo, working within existing systems that might marginalize, oppress, or exploit people or the planet.  As entrepreneurs, we have the opportunity to be changemakers and be really intentional with each decision.

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On sustainability. How can we be more intentional about sustainability as a brand?  Seemingly little choices, like packaging or shipping options or the materials we use in our products-- they all make a big impact in the long term lifecycle of a product. We can support a more circular economy in our decision-making.

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