Designing Jewelry for Fair Trade Partnerships

Designing Jewelry for Fair Trade Partnerships

How do we get so many new designs? Working with women in 9 countries all over the globe means that we partner with artisans who have a variety of skills and access to different sustainable materials. To keep Fair Anita’s jewelry relevant in a U.S. market, we do much of the initial design work at home in Minnesota. By sending sketches of new pieces via email to our talented partners, they can interpret the designs and make samples for us to look over. This process is repeated until we reach the final piece you see on our website.

Each group we work with is a little bit different and brings something unique to the table. Head on over to our Facebook Live to see Fair Anita’s Founder and CEO, Joy McBrien, share her insights into our design process. Then check out our Mexico collection to see the final creations designed for the Spring 2020 Collection!

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