8th Annual Benefit Report

8th Annual Benefit Report

Eighth Annual Benefit Report

As a social enterprise and Public Benefit Corporation, we're for-profit AND for good. This Annual Benefit Report is a key document in assessing the impact of Fair Anita’s efforts for 2022. It provides an overview of the progress made, successes achieved, and challenges faced throughout the year.

At Fair Anita, we combine the principles of fair trade, sustainability, and advocacy with for-profit goals. This report serves as a vital tool for stakeholders to understand the impact of operations and investments on people, the planet, and profits. It also helps us identify areas for improvement to ensure that how we run our business have a positive effect on society.

Highlights of 2023

  • We are proud to have maintained a steady income for our partners. We continued to pay upfront payments to all of our artisan partners.
  • Total sent to artisan partners: $328,580.46 (29% increase from 2021) ▪ All-time total: $1,722,258.44 (1/2/2015-12/31/2022).
  • 100% of artisan groups strongly agree that fair and sustainable jobs improve women’s status in their community.
  • 90% of artisan groups agree that economic opportunity is essential for women experiencing domestic abuse.
  • Artisans reported a strong desire to focus on their ability as cooperatives to support their neighbors and community. We are committed to supporting artisan partners in making this goal a reality.
  • Fair Anita successfully marketed and sold products to customers in 50 states in U.S., Canada, and across parts of Europe in 2022.

Read about all of our highlights from 2022, statistics on our work with artisans, testimonials, and strategic growth plans for 2023 in our Eight Annual Benefit Report.

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