4 tips to find the perfect ethical bridal jewelry

4 tips to find the perfect ethical bridal jewelry

A beautiful dress is the star of every bride’s wedding day look. It can feel impossible to find jewelry that compliments your dress without overshadowing it, matches your personal style, and fits the occasion. If you’re looking for ethical, sustainable jewelry, it can be even trickier. So for the overwhelmed bride or bridesmaid, we’re sharing a few of our tips and tricks to finding the perfect ethical jewelry for your dress.

AnEthical Brass Bridesmaid Jewelry | Fair Anita

1. Focus on the neckline. 

When trying to find the right necklace for your bridesmaids dresses, the best thing to focus on is the neckline. If your dress has a high neckline with ornate details, consider picking a daintier necklace to compliment the dress such as this one. Another option for a high neckline is to skip the necklace completely and instead opt for a fun pair of earrings like the ones in this collection. If your dress is strapless, think about a shorter necklace. This is my favorite short necklace - it’s subtle but has a burst of color to spice up a look.

Ethical Sterling Silver Bridesmaid Jewelry | Fair Anita

2. Find a design theme that ties your pieces together. 

One way to help tie your look together is to match metals throughout your pieces, as shown in the picture above. Another option is to choose a design theme between the pieces, such as a similar color, pattern or shape. Some brides choose to have their bridesmaids all in matching jewelry, whereas others will choose pieces that complement each other but aren’t the exact same piece. With Fair Anita jewelry, if you want different but complementary jewelry for your bridesmaids, we recommend staying within the same country collection. Then, the jewelry will be made from the same metal, often with the same finish, and the jewelry will easily look coordinated.

Labradorite Ethically-made Bridesmaid Jewelry | Fair Anita

3. Tip for the bride: Jewelry is the perfect gift for bridesmaids. 

Not only is it important for the bride to find the perfect jewelry for her big day, ethical jewelry is also a great gift for any bridesmaid. Jewelry is meaningful, looks beautiful the day of the wedding, and continues to be functional afterwards.Your bridesmaids will have something to remind them of the amazing day you shared.

Summer Fair Trade Bridesmaid Jewelry | Fair Anita

4. Wear what you love. 

Most importantly, pick jewelry that you love and feel comfortable in. As long as the jewelry that you’re wearing makes you happy, it’s the right jewelry for the occasion.

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