4 Movies to Watch about the Fashion Industry

4 Movies to Watch about the Fashion Industry

Fashion Revolution was started in 2013 after the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh to bring awareness to the dangerous conditions of garment factories and other unethical practices that occur in fashion supply chains.

I want to say loudly here that we should NOT FEEL GUILTY for purchasing fashion that is affordable and make us feel good. We should challenge the fashion industry by demanding change and supporting small brands using ethical + sustainable business practices.

Learning about the history of fast fashion and how it led to the Rana Plaza factory collapse can be a lot. So, watching the following movies is a great way to learn about why we needed a fashion revolution. Watch and learn how to challenge the fashion industry to bring about changemaking solutions so you can know #whomademyclothes.

  1. The True Cost - Watch on Amazon or Netflix

This is a fantastic introduction to learning about fast fashion and why we need a fashion revolution. It is filmed worldwide and breaks down the fashion industry’s hidden costs and who is really paying for the clothes we love.

  1. River Blue - Watch for $4 on Vimeo on Demand

River Blue documents how the fashion industry impacts our waterways. Watch this movie to get an in-depth look at how our clothing is manufactured and learn about its environmental impact.

  1. One Year Later - On Vimeo

Learn about what is happening in garment factories one year after the start of a global pandemic.

  1. The Next Black - on YouTube

Parts of the fashion industry are evolving to keep up with the latest in sustainable manufacturing. Check out this video to learn what some of the most innovative companies are doing to make fashion more sustainable. 

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