4 Easy Ways to Extend the Life of your Clothes

4 Easy Ways to Extend the Life of your Clothes

We all know that even our best clothing pieces have an end to their life, which is such a bummer. But there is excellent news. We can extend the life of our clothes! By learning a few simple mending techniques, you enjoy many years with your go-to pieces. From patching up jeans when they inevitably wear through in an unfortunate spot to fixing moth holes in your best sweater, here, I will link my favorite tutorials for mending everyday pieces.

Sewing a missing button on

How to sew a button on

Click on the image above to watch this easy tutorial. This basic repair means that you no longer have to throw away a perfect cardigan because you lost a button. Simply find a similar button, matching thread, and a needle. In no time, you will have a functional sweater once again!

Fixing a hole in your favorite pair of jeans

Fix a hole in your jeans

This one hits so close to home for me. I always have that pair of jeans I wear to death, and the inevitable happens...I blow through the seams in the upper thigh. Luckily there is a way to fix this. This patch requires a sewing machine, thread to match your jeans, a patch of old denim, and some fusing web. Sew Addicts does a fantastic job explaining how to patch jeans. Click on the image for the link to watch her video and save your favorite jeans from the trash!!

Mending a small hole in a sweater

Mending a sweater

I feel like this repair happens every year. Either a sweater gets eaten by moths or gets snagged on a door. Either way, there is a hole that can easily be mended. This video goes through how to fix two different sweaters. I recommend watching the first half then continuing only if you need another example. Again, click on the image to follow the link.

The invisible stitch, PERFECT for fixing any number of clothing issues

Invisible Stitch

This last one isn’t specific to any common problem. But I promise you, this stitch will save your life! I have personally used this to mend seams in jackets and bags, sew straps back onto a purse, or fix a hole in a pocket of a jacket. Whatever you use it for, trust me watch the video and refer back to it at any time. This stitch is a lifesaver!!!

There you have it, the best way to mend your clothes so you can keep loving your favorite pieces of clothing year after year. Keeping waste out of the landfill is one step towards keeping our earth happy!! Here at Fair Anita, we use factory seconds in our bags, such as the Meander Purse made in India.

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