Team India

About Team India

Meet Team India, a team comprised of four artisan cooperatives and over 6,000 women. Our story with Team India began in 2013, when Joy and Anna first traveled to India and began exploring artisan markets in the villages outside of Delhi. After developing partnerships with artisans in the Uttar Pradesh region, we began designing jewelry that combines local artisan traditions with modern jewelry trends. We are proud to partner with the resilient and talented women of Team India and offer you the bold and meaningful collection that you see today.

By providing women with health insurance, educational scholarships, and business trainings, Team India supports women’s development both socially and economically.  

  • Team India provides health insurance and educational scholarships for its artisans, directly investing women's rights and social mobility.
  • They also work hard to help women break into the job market, providing community trainings on business and vocational skills to women of different experience levels. 

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How We Support Team India

We support Team India by helping them employ more women, earn higher wages and reach new customers.

  • We commit to long term, reliable trade agreements that allow cooperatives to hire more women and make proactive business decisions. Team India can count on us to place continuous orders at consistent prices, and that trust results in more jobs and more job security for women. 
  • We recognize the difference between living wage and minimum wage, and we pay our artisans more than 2x the minimum wage in Delhi. Uttar Pradesh minimum wage: 445 rupees per day ($6.88 USD/day), compared to Fair Anita wage: 800+ rupees per day ($12.50 USD+). The minimum wage in India is also seen as a livable wage, but most workers in India aren't employed through the formal economy, so they don't even receive minimum wage for their work. 

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Product Spotlight: Hidden Treasure Beaded Earrings

Large blue beaded earrings made fair trade in India | Fair Anita

Our Hidden Treasure Beaded Earrings are handmade by women in one of the cooperatives we work with in Delhi.  This cooperative works with women in the surrounding villages of Delhi, making it possible for women to work from their own homes, if they choose.  These earrings don't require machinery to make, so the artisans pick up the supplies from the cooperative's workshop and bring them home to create these beautiful earrings.  They bend the thick wire using a handheld tool, then weave the small glass beads around the wire.  The earrings take about 1 hour to make from start to finish.  If the women decide they want to work from the workshop, they're able to do that as well; they have comfortable and well-lit spaces, a constant supply of Chai tea, and friends to hang out with!




 Artisan Spotlight: Sofia

Sofia, Fair Trade Artisan in India, making jewelry | Fair Anita

Sofia was born the oldest of five daughters to a Muslim family living in Delhi. When Sofia was a teen her father had an accident and became blind and was unable to work. It is unusual for women to work outside the home, and Sofia faced a lot of disapproval from her family, but she was determined to help her family. Sofia found an opportunity working for a fair trade organization making jewelry. She earned a living wage and was able to feed her family and pay her sisters' tuition fees, which brought her a lot of respect. Sofia was so empowered she started wearing pants, which was unheard of in her very traditional family. 

"The transition from being known as a street rat, a person of poverty, to a dignified, fair trade artisan-- it is an incredible feeling."