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Quick View Socially responsible canvas backpack | Fair Anita

Journeyer Backpack - Woven Geometrics

This bag was designed for those who love to be hands-free. Take this backpack out on the town, or use it to go for a hike. This bag features adjustable straps, elastic water bottle holders, a padded pouch inside big enough for a small laptop or an Ipad...
Quick View Delicate tourmaline gold necklace | Fair Anita

Tourmaline Medley Necklace

This delicate gold necklace is made for a unique individual. The natural tourmaline stone used in this piece always varies in color, making no two necklaces exactly the same! Made fair trade by women in India from 14k gold-plated .925 sterling silver...
Quick View Lava Flow Leather and Artillery Necklace

Lava Flow Leather and Artillery Necklace

This layered mixed metal necklace with upcycled leather is made to make a statement. A statement for the empowerment of women, and a reminder of the beautiful things they can create.  Our Lava Flow Leather and Artillery Necklace is made...
Quick View elegant mixed metal long necklace | Fair Anita

Two Tone Artillery Necklace

This mixed metal necklace is long and elegant. A perfect piece for a fancy night out, or to wear as creative inspiration when you tackle a project at the office.  Our Two Tone Artillery Necklace is made from pure brass and silver-colored beads...
Quick View Dainty stone bar 14k gold necklace | Fair Anita

Multistone Bar Necklace - Apatite

This beautiful dainty 14k gold-plated necklace is a new take on the bar necklace. Using the delicate teal color apatite stone as the bar, this necklace has an added dimension. With the added subtle sparkle, this is an easy everyday necklace...
Quick View Delicate stone bar sterling silver necklace | Fair Anita

Multistone Bar Necklace - Rutile

This delicate stone bar necklace in sterling silver is easy to wear all by itself for to pair with a longer statement necklace. This stone is a variety of quartz but with some gorgeous needle-like intrusions of rutile which creates a stunning new...