Our Values

Here at Fair Anita, we are building a business in the most ethical way we know how. We developed three main values to guide our business in this complex world.

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Fair Anita works to build equitable relationships in every aspect of our business. Whether that is working with our artisan partners who make the beautiful products you see, whether that is our customers who purchase these products for fair + affordable prices, or working to help our local communities become more equitable, it’s a pillar of what we do!

We are on a mission to create a world where women feel safe, valued, and respected. That’s why we acknowledge that economic insecurity is the #1 reason women stay in abusive relationships. Fair Anita partners with many survivors of  sexual/domestic abuse who utilize their talents to create economic freedom for themselves.

Here’s how we build equitable relationships:


We partner with over 8,000+ changemaking women around the world, each of our artisan partners earns a living wage which is 2-4x minimum wage plus health insurance and educational scholarships. Our partners work for cooperatives that are facilitated by local leaders because they know what is best for their communities and artisans. Along with a livable wage, working conditions are super important to us. Each of our partnering organizations provides safe working conditions, and many artisans are able to work from home.

Along with producing products equitably, we recognize that there is a power dynamic between the “buyers” and the “producers” along the supply chain. And we love and respect our partners around the world, so we value consent in storytelling. Though our products are made by kick-butt women around the world, we don't always talk about them a ton. We only share stories of women who have given us their full permission to talk about how awesome they are!

We focus on promoting skill and talent development. We work with our artisan partners to increase their competencies, allowing their businesses to grow and enabling them to hire more women. By investing in women’s design skills, business acumen and pricing strategies, we're helping women be leaders in their communities on the national and international level.

Fair Anita is based in the Twin Cities, and we know it is vital to support our local community as well. In the pre-COVID world, we hosted workshops on equality and diversity, and can’t wait to get back at it when we can meet up in person again. We also donate resources to local organizations. (To learn more, read our annual reports.)


Sustainability is important for a couple of different reasons. It is important because we only have one planet, and we can’t keep on making new products from new resources. Additionally, sustainably relationships are at the core of what we do. Building long term relationships with our artisan partners ensures that we will palace consistent order for their beautiful creations. We know that creating a sustainable organization isn’t super easy when you are in the business of making things, over the last few years, we have learned a lot!

How we practice sustainability:
We source all of our materials in communities that are local to where our products are made. This stimulates the local economy and gives us a fun challenge to figure out how to work with foreign recycled materials. Also, nearly all our products are made from recycled materials, like  recycled metal, upcycled leather, or factory seconds. When we can source products that are recycled, we like to use eco-friendly products, such as our organic cotton bags and tees.

Because we are a small business that works with women all over the world, all of our products are flown (rather than the less gas-guzzling way to transport - shipping by sea) into the U.S. This produces a lot of carbon, so we are working with our partners to create carbon sinks. Recently, a report was released that shared where trees needed to be planted to reverse the effects of climate change. Many of our partners live in these areas of the world, so we joined forces with our partnering cooperatives to offset our carbon footprint by funding and supporting the planting of trees in their communities.
Sustainability isn’t just important to us because of the planet. We also value sustainable relationships. Long-term relationships with our global artisan partners are vital to building better and more ethical supply chains. If we can’t sustain these partnerships then we aren’t doing our job. That’s why continued + consistent orders are so important for  our relationships with our partners.


We don’t claim to be perfect, but we sure do try to build the most ethical and sustainable business we can possibly dream up.  As we learn more and engage with the world around us, we are constantly adapting how we do business. Making sure women feel safe, respected, and valued no matter their geography will always be the core of what we do. But, how we do that and how we talk about it may change over time. That’s okay, it’s how we believe business should be done.

How we have evolved:
We are not stagnant, we are evolving to be the most equitable + sustainable business we can be.

As PROUD members of the Fair Trade Federation, meaning an outside governing board has verified our work as meeting all the fair trade principles.

We aim to be an anti-racist organization, and we understand that this is a constantly evolving process, requiring a lot of hard work and learning!

“Do the best you can until you know better.  Once you know better, do better.” ~ Maya Angelou