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River Stone Necklace

This elegant and intricate necklace will fit the unique, one of a kind element of your jewelry collection.  Necklace measures or 27" plus a 3" extender chain. 
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Marcasite Dazzle Necklace

This necklace is made from semi-precious marcasite stone and recycled brass with gold plating. Measures 16" plus 2" extender. Handmade by women in Mumbai, India.
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Mixed Media Necklace

This colorful necklace will brighten up your outfit! Necklace is adjustable and is 31" at the longest length.  Made from recycled metals, stone, wood, and glass by women in India.
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Shield Necklace

An outfit wants this necklace like hot cocoa wants whipped cream! Some things just go together naturally.   Necklace has  24" chain with a 3" chain extender.  Made from recycled brass by women in India.  Nickel-free. 
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Stacked Bone Necklace

This unique piece is just what you need to amp up your wardrobe! What’s cooler than an ethically sourced, animal bone necklace that couldn't be prettier? We don’t have an answer for that.   Made from upcycled animal bone in partnership...
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Balanced Geometry Necklace - Black

This modern necklace is a nice little touch for anyone looking to enhance their personal style. Layered or worn alone, it’s sure to make a statement   Measures 16" plus 3" extender chain. Made fair trade by women in India from clay, resin,...
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Beaming Rays Artillery Necklace

This beautiful necklace will draw you in immediately- we know it did for us!   Made from recycled bullet casings by women in Ethiopia.  Each bead is carefully handmade from recycled brass. Nickel-free.  Long necklace hangs below the bust...
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Neseret Artillery Necklace

A cool necklace ready to add to your wardrobe! Why hesitate with such a cool piece? Made from recycled bullet casings by women in Ethiopia.  Silver-plated, nickel-free.   Measures 18.5" with a lobster claw clasp. 
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Tube Artillery Necklace - Copper

Made from genuine leather scraps and recycled bullet casings by women in Ethiopia.  100% recycled copper and leather. Short necklace-- hangs below collar bone. Measures 18 inches. 
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Emnet Dainty Necklace - Brass

This simple necklace is perfect for a classic look. You’ll want to wear this everyday!   Made from recycled bullet casings by women in Ethiopia.  100% recycled brass, nickel-free.  Measures 16".