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Belen Artillery Bracelet

This powerful piece is great for any jewelry lover. The mixed metals give it almost a rainbow-vibe: it's easy to wear with any outfit or mix with any other jewelry! Made fair trade from recycled bullet casings and sustainably-sourced, recycled leather...
Quick View Leather and bullet casing snap bracelet | Fair Anita

Fierce Betty Artillery Bracelet

This powerful piece is made by amazing women in Ethiopia. Using upcycled leather and recycled bullet casings with an easy-to-use snap closure, this piece is perfect for those that love beautiful chunky bracelets. Made fair trade from recycled bullet...
Quick View Fair trade feminist cuff bracelet | Fair Anita

Fair Feminist Sterling Cuff

This subtly cool fair trade feminist cuff bracelet is perfect for anyone! Light enough that you’ll forget you’re wearing it and it is so pretty! Made from 100% recycled sterling silver by women in Jaipur, India. Adjustable. A truly feminist...