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Glittering Geode Necklace

Natural yet eye catching, this necklace is sure to make heads turn! This piece is great as a stand alone accessory when you want to jazz up your look. It also pairs well with our other pieces, like the Dot Ring in gold. Please note that as these are...
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Fierce Betty Artillery Bracelet

This powerful piece is great for any jewelry lover. Make one your’s today!   Made fair trade from recycled bullet casings and recycled leather by women in Ethiopia.  Snap closure. 100% recycled materials, nickel-free. 
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Beaming Rays Artillery Necklace

This beautiful necklace will draw you in immediately- we know it did for us!   Made from recycled bullet casings by women in Ethiopia.  Each bead is carefully handmade from recycled brass. Nickel-free.  Long necklace hangs below the bust...
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Color Block Artillery Earrings

Dainty and pretty- what’s not to love about these earrings? Besides that, they are a purchase you can feel good about.   Lightweight earrings made from recycled bullet casings by women in Ethiopia. Pure brass, copper, and silver-plated...
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Color Block Artillery Bracelet

Pretty, dainty and fun- with a cool element. How could you not love this bracelet?   Made from recycled bullet casings by women in Ethiopia.  Pure copper and brass beads with silver-plated beads, all made from 100% recycled metals. 
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Neseret Artillery Necklace

A cool necklace ready to add to your wardrobe! Why hesitate with such a cool piece? Made from recycled bullet casings by women in Ethiopia.  Silver-plated, nickel-free.   Measures 18.5" with a lobster claw clasp. 
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Basilisk Pendant Necklace

Handmade by women outside of Taxco, Mexico.  This pendant is made from alpaca silver and semi-precious stone. Alpaca silver is a mix of iron, copper, and nickel.  The back of the pendant does contain nickel, so it isn't the best if you have...