Custom Sustainable Swag

Ethical + sustainable swag designed just for you.

Email for pricing and to place an order today!

Who can use this program?

  • Stores that want to sell custom designs.
  • Brands and organizations that want customizable gifts for events/employees.
  • Brands and organizations that want to sell custom swag to their fans (i.e. bands, influencers, colleges/universities).
  • People who want to custom gifts for their events (i.e. wedding/party favors).
  • Groups and organizations that want matching swag to wear at an event (i.e. matching pins/bracelets).
  • Anyone who wants ethically-made custom swag in bulk!
  • Looking for private label products? We can do that, too!

How it works

  1. Pick which item(s) you want to customize (minimum order is 50-100, depending on the product)
  2. Send an email to describing your dream design. Include information like if you want a custom quote on a bracelet, your logo on a pin or screen-printed on textile, or any other design elements you'd like to see included! We can always help you with this, too. :)
  3. Our team will get back to you within 1-3 business days with a quote for your custom products. To confirm your order, we'll need a 25% prepayment of the invoice.
  4. We'll do an initial mock-up of the design and wait for your confirmation before the full order goes to production. We will follow up with more information and will periodically send you updates until we ship them to you!
  5. Be aware that we require 3 months from your final confirmation to produce your custom products.

Email for pricing and to place an order today!

What types of designs can we customize? 

Check out these examples...

Jewelry + Accessories

Bags + Travel

Reusable + Sustainable

See past examples here.

Ideas for other designs? Just let us know, we can do that, too! 

Email to place an order today!