Care Package Bundle: Traveler

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We're all in the need of a little extra love right now: share the love with a care package bundle!  This is an ethically-made bundle filled with really good gifts for the traveler in your life. 

1. Wayfarer Jewelry Roll Travel Case - This Jewelry Roll makes accessorizing while traveling a breeze. It contains sections for all your earrings, rings, bracelets, and even includes hooks and elastic to keep your necklaces tangle-free. Made from handwoven organic cotton by our artisan partners in Cambodia. Screen printed by hand using eco-friendly dyes.  Accessories from vegan leather, including a loop on the back to hang the organizer. Measures 9" x 16" when unrolled. Can hold a LOT of jewelry.

2. Trust Your Journey Cuff - This quote bracelet in brass reminds us that you can take a deep breath and trust your journey. Made out of recycled brass-plated metal in India. This is cuff is extremely adjustable and should fit most wrists. 

3. Farah Scarf - This is the perfect scarf for travel. Use it for a cute accessory to keep you warm at night, use it for a blanket or a pillow on the plane, it even rolls up nice and small to store in your carry on. Made from handwoven black fabric in Egypt, not only is this super soft, it will pair with everything. 

Each package comes gift wrapped. In the notes section you can include a personalized message to send to your loved one.