​Women in Modern Society: Ethical Fashion Picks for Our Favorite #GirlBosses

“Throughout the last 100-300 years the changes that women have seen and been affected by have been phenomenal. Women have gained a lot of ground in politics, the work force, and even more power within their own households. There was a time in history when women were unable to voice their opinion in politics being unable to cast a vote or run for office, and now in modern time there are more than one woman running in the presidential campaign. Now women and men can both be the breadwinners, the stereotypical role place on women is slowly dissolving and both spouse parents are sharing the responsibilities that come with the house and family.” - Leanne Evale

A woman’s role in almost every aspect of society, has changed dramatically throughout the years. Today, women enjoy so many more options than ever before. However, the struggle for gender equality is still an ongoing issue. Throughout history, women were viewed as intellectually and physically inferior to their male counterparts. They have become symbols of temptation, suffering and evil as portrayed in classic literature. In scholastic studies, women have always been viewed as a “creative source of human life” but on the flipside, this has also been imposed as a restriction--- a role that has put women in a box across many cultures.

However in the course of history, there were always women who stepped out of these societal expectations. Their endeavors paved the way to the freedom women now enjoy in the modern era. A majority of women no longer need to remain at home, simply being a vessel of life and acting as caregivers---not that these roles should be given any less importance. Being a wife or a mother are roles that takes strength, patience and commitment. For a woman to balance fulfilling her “domestic role” and being an independent individual is no easy feat but women are exceptionally resilient, despite the age-old perception of women being the weaker sex.

All over the world, career women are making a stand, breaking even more barriers and becoming agents of change. In a talk given by Hannah Rosin on TED in 2010, the present situation is very much different from that during her mother’s time. Then, women did not have the opportunity to go to college, but this fact has dramatically changed to the point where “in every two men who get a college degree, three women will do the same.” This data was garnered in a study conducted in 2010. Six years onward, things are only getting better. In fact, more and more women are now dominating the American workforce; their jobs no longer limited to being secretaries or clerks (those stereotypes you see in movies, if you know what we mean!). More likely than not, they are now very successful professionals and even leaders! No wonder the hashtag #Girlboss is so trending and appropriate!

Apart from our very own #Girlboss, Joy, we also admire these women for their strength and commitment. We thought of creating fashion sets on Polyvore inspired by their personal style or at least outfits that we think they’d wear. :)

Sheryl Sandberg

She’s the COO of Facebook and an inspiring woman fighting for gender equality and women’s leadership. Her TED Talk garnered more than 1 million views as she shared her experience being a woman in a corporate world.

Sheryl Sandberg Inspired Look

This set features our favorite ethical jewelry from our Ethiopia Collection.

Tory Burch

Tory Burch has become a household name! The thing we love her most for----a business model with social responsibility. Tory Burch shares her success through her foundation that gives opportunity to deserving women entrepreneurs to have access to capital, entrepreneurial education as well as mentoring and networking opportunities.

Tory Burch Inspired Look

More fair trade jewelry from our women partner artisans in Ethiopia are featured in this fashion set together with our favorite pieces from Tory Burch!

Sophia Amoruso

Of course, we can’t leave out Sophia Amoruso! Yes, she’s the girl behind Nasty Gal, the “rapidly growing e-commerce business racking up hundreds of millions in sales.” She is also the author of the book entitled #GirlBoss which became a New York Times best seller. Why we love her?--- despite the odds, she has become an inspiration to women millennials and was even honored by Lean In (founded by Sheryl Sandberg!) for her accomplishment! Sophia Amoruso Inspired Look

This Polyvore look is inspired by Sophia Amoruso's funky style featuring our sustainable and fair trade jewelry pieces.

What makes these women stand out for us are their strength and growing commitment to their respective fields. Each of them displays a value that every woman can learn from. A woman’s essence is more than about her outer beauty, it’s the grace that radiates from within!