Vote With Your Wallet This Holiday Season

This Holiday Season, Vote With Your Wallet

Invest in Businesses You Support

Every year, a huge percentage of the population participates in Black Friday shopping. It is estimated that there will be 156 million shoppers and a combined $5.5 billion dollars spent online during Thursday and Friday. So, why does this matter? It matters because every dollar you spend (and most people will be spending a lot of dollars for the holidays) supports a business and the other businesses, politicians, and ethics that that business supports.

Okay, that might be a little confusing. Let me break it down for you. When you purchase a product, you are giving money to a company. That company can use that money for any part of their business including their “philanthropic” efforts (for lack of a better term). These philanthropic efforts could align with any moral, political, ethical, or otherwise partial views that you may or may not support.

Your dollar also supports different kinds of businesses and supply chain models. Is it a local business you are supporting? A large corporation? The mission of this blog is not to tell you how to spend your dollar, but to simply think about what happens to your dollar after you have spent it and to vote with it once you know.

Not sure if the business you plan to spend your dollar at aligns with your values and goals? You can often learn a lot about a business through their mission and company management team information found right on their website. You could also search current news related to the business and use apps like Buycott and Buypartisan that help you figure out how a particular business votes with their dollars. Though I haven’t used either of these apps personally, thus cannot endorse them, they seem pretty easy to use and super helpful while shopping.

Though voting with your wallet requires more of a time investment than just running to the store, it is an important action that anyone can be conscious of when making purchases. When you purchase a product, you are saying ‘I support this company and they are doing right by me’. Be sure that is truly is what you want to be saying with your dollar.