Travel-Inspired Fashion Picks: Creating a Wardrobe that Reflects Your Global Mindset

Fair Trade products that are reflective of our desire to explore, learn, and connect with other cultures are the perfect accessories to wear all year long.

To most, summer is synonymous to travel. We plan adventures with our family or friends or maybe we choose to travel alone and be immersed in the tradition, culture and natural beauty of the destination. As human beings, the desire to discover is innate to us. While the goal of travel may differ for every person, to travel is an opportunity to grow the human spirit.

Traveling this summer? Then we have some great accessories for your travel wardrobe. Getting on a plane not in your cards this year? We’ve put together some great travel-inspired wardrobes that can keep you stylish and ready to jet-set on your next adventure!

Fair Anita- Fair Trade Products from Chile

Where to wear: Perfect for a stroll around the market!

We're working with 3 great fair trade organizations in Chile, including the very talented artisan Ana who made the accessories pictured here. Our fair trade accessories from this collection are typically made from their natural resources, including copper, semi-precious stones, and brass.

Fair Anita- Fair Trade Products from South Africa

Where to wear: Summer music festivals or boating day with friends!

Fair trade goods from our South Africa Collection includes awesome fair trade bags such as clutches and printed canvas bags!

Fair Anita- Fair Trade Products from Jordan

Where to wear: Casual Friday, anyone? After-work happy hour with friends?

While the Middle East might best be known from their stories on the news of conflict and instability, it's important to note that the people in this area are generally very kind, welcoming, and innovative. The women we partner with are simply looking to earn a living for their families and have a stable life. They use olive wood, a natural resource in the area, to make many of their unique fair trade jewelry.

Fair Anita- Fair Trade Products from Peru

Where to wear: A snazzy Sunday brunch is calling our names! Mimosas, yes please!

Economic opportunity for artisans in Peru means a real chance to leave abusive relationships. We're currently working with three artisan groups in Peru. One with amazing sterling silver expertise in Lima, and two out of Chimbote, Peru. In collaboration with Anita, our namesake and the social worker of the community, women are coming together to find work through the creation of fair trade products.

 Fair Anita- Fair Trade Products from India

Where to wear: Weekend-getaway ready! Where will you explore in this boho-influenced outfit?

Violence and inequity are a reality for women all over the world; whatever country, race or nationality. Artisans in Delhi are creating new lives through fair trade employment, finding support in a journey out of poverty.

Fair Anita- Fair Trade Products from Ethiopia

Where to wear: Family reunion? Meeting the parents? Hanging out on a patio drinking a glass of wine?

Fair trade products from Ethiopia are creating economic and social development for artisans, many of whom live with HIV/AIDS and/or fistula. Their products are stunning, and all created from recycled bullet casings.

Do you have a travel-inspired look that you’ve been rocking this summer? Share it with us!