6 Thoughtful & Easy Gifts for Mother's Day

6 Easy Gifts for Mothers Day

Aren't moms just the greatest?! They put so much love and care into everything they do, yet they have to be the most under-appreciated people on the planet. Show the mother in your life you care this Mother's Day-- here are some thoughtful (and easy!) gifts that she'll adore.

1. I Love You Because...

This gifts is one of my long-time favorites, inspired by my dear friend Anna.  It can manifest itself in many ways, but the idea is to finish the statement "I love you because."  Anna once had many of my friends and family write these statements about me, and then put them all in a nice little jar.  Now if I'm ever having an off day, I can read lots of little love notes!   I've also done this by buying a little journal and writing as many "I love you because" notes as I could on different pages, then filling the rest up with pictures. I've also seen it done where someone finished the statement on balloons and filled up a room with these love notes.  Be creative-- what else could you put these notes on?  Chocolate bars, attached to flowers, post it notes around the house? This gift is sure to make her feel like #1!

2. Breakfast

If you're living with the mother you want to honor, consider waking up early and making her breakfast in bed.  Chances are she doesn't get enough sleep and could use the opportunity to catch a few extra zzzzs, too! She'll love the sentiment, and it's a create way to start off the day feeling super loved (and full of delicious food!) 

3. Recreate old photos

Have you seen examples of this floating around the internet yet?  They're adorable (and hilarious!).  Make mom smile by gathering up your siblings and posing like one of your iconic childhood photos. Okay, we'll admit this one isn't necessarily "easy," but you'll win major points on thoughtfulness!

4. Jewelry with meaning 

Give her a Mother's Day gift that means twice as much.  Fair Anita has a great selection of jewelry and accessories made by mothers around the world-- which means when you give the gift, you're also providing economic opportunity for a mom somewhere else!  Moms know how tough it can be to provide for their children; by gifting Fair Anita jewelry, you're making it easier on the women who make our products, as they're working with fair trade principles.  

5. Spa treatment

Give her the relaxation she deserves.  Put together a couple great spa items and make sure she's got the place to herself and won't be interrupted!  Might we suggest whipping up some cool cucumber water and picking up some Hand in Hand soap and a great-smelling candle from our friends at Flourish Arts & Gifts?

6. Poem

Roses aren't always red, and violets are purple... so we suggest you write your own poem that's a little more accurate! You don't have to be a great poet to create something that will be meaningful.  Start with a favorite memory or mom's best quality, then start rhyming!  She'll either swoon or giggle-- both great reactions for her special day!