Mother's Day Gift Guide

With Mother's Day around the corner, we want to make sure you're prepared to give your mama the best gift ever! We've curated some of our top-selling products based on the type of mom you're shopping for: on-the-go mom, simple-jewelry mom, fashionista mom, fair-trade-enthusiast mom, and soon-to-be mom.  We guarantee that she will love that this gift is not only beautiful, but also empowers women around the world with fair trade jobs.  Moms supporting other moms-- how cool is that?!  Order today and we'll wrap it up pretty and send it her way. 

For the On-The-Go Mom: 

  • Twigs XL Tote - $38. What mom doesn't need a big carry-all tote? This one is both sturdy and pretty, and the soft pattern makes it easy to wear with any outfit.  It's a great plastic-saving alternative for the occasional Target run!
  • Triple Triangles Necklace - $18. One of our best-selling necklaces, this one is easy to throw on with literally any outfit. You don't have to think about it-- just put it on and go! 
  • White & Gold Tassel Necklace - $18.  Another easy one to throw on with anything-- it will class up your tshirt and mom jeans for sure!

For the Simple-Jewelry Mom: 

  • Bemnu Earrings - $14. These simple earrings come with a magnificent story, as they're made from recycled bullet casings by women in Ethiopia.  They're easy to wear, and a story your mom will love sharing!
  • Simple Drop Earrings - $16. Lightweight and versatile, these earrings are made from olive wood in Jordan and have both silver and gold loops. Can't remember if mom is a silver or gold person? We just made your life easier ;)
  • Tracy Necklace - $14. It's simple, it's stylish, and it's something she'll definitely wear!

For the Fashionista Mom: 

  • Sami Necklace - $64. This one always draws tons of compliments, and it's no surprise-- it's gorgeous and full of drama!  Its adjustable cording means she'll be able to wear it with tons of necklines. 
  • Birhanu Bracelet - $34. Classy yet unique, this popular bracelet is made from recycled bullet casings by women in Ethiopia.  She can pile it on with her other silver jewelry, and she's ready to impress!
  • Melaku Necklace - $86. With the off-center pendant, this necklace is certainly one-of-a-kind, just like your mom!

For the Fair-Trade-Enthusiast Mom: 

  • Mixed Media Necklace - $24. She will love this twist on the traditional paper bead necklace, made instantly more fashionable with wood and brass.
  • Aruna Silk Scarf - $22. Super soft, super beautiful-- and one of the few scarves she can wear all year round. 

For the Soon-To-Be Mom: 

  • Black Diamond Bag - $38. Lots of pockets and a zippered top make this the most trendy diaper bag or easy around-town purse.
  • Asko Necklace - $38. This necklace can't be broken, so as much as baby may like to touch, they won't be able to pull it apart or hurt mommy!