​Make it an Ethical Holiday!

​Make it an Ethical Holiday!

Published by PJ Valenciano on Nov 17th 2021

We all have been through trying times since the pandemic, but at least the spirit of gift-giving and celebration is still alive amongst all of us. For the most part, the pandemic has opened our eyes to what should be valued beyond the superficial. This holiday season, we invite you to join us in celebrating this festive season the ethical way.

Decorate with ethically made home decors

Yearly, many spend time and effort to bring the spirit of the season to their homes by joyfully decorating their homes. The downside, however, is that we generate so much waste between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Among the accumulated wastes are Christmas trees and other forms of holiday decorations.

  • Instead of buying new decorations, upcycle or recycle old Christmas decorations from the past holidays.
  • In case you’ve thrown away those decorations, you can invest in ethically made Christmas Decors. For example, you can start collecting our Painted Ornament Set made of paper mache. Then make sure to save them for next year!
  • You can be more practical too by using your houseplants as your very own Christmas tree! Think outside of the box. Hang your plants using our Macrame Plant Hangings, then add firefly lights around them.
  • Another way to decorate your space is by displaying photos featuring your favorite holiday memories using our Art Deco Black and Gold Frame or Meadow Brass Resin Frame. They are sure to be conversation starters when your loved ones drive by for a visit.
  • You can also decorate your stockings with our Brass Pins!

Receive Fair Trade Gifts by making your wishlist!

Do you want to receive ethically-made gifts from Fair Anita this year? Create your wishlist! It’s so easy to do. Just follow the instructions below.

It’s your turn to give ethical gifts this holiday season.

Make this year more meaningful by choosing gifts that matter by supporting brands that promote ethical fashion and a sustainable lifestyle. At Fair Anita, we’ve rounded up easier ways for you to buy ethical gifts this coming holiday season. Explore the Most Ethical + Affordable Gift Guide

Let others discover ethical products with gift certificates from sustainable brands.

This tactic serves two ways! First, you allow your loved ones to choose what they want the most from your favorite ethical brand’s shop. At the same time, this is your subtle way of raising awareness about fair trade. Isn’t that awesome?!

There are so many reasons for us to honor this holiday despite the circumstances we find ourselves in. Let your celebration be a symbol of appreciation that life goes on no matter what. It is a testament that we can live a life of meaning and purpose in our own way while contributing to positive changes in the lives of others!

So celebrate with a lightness in your heart and share memorable moments with your family and loved ones this holiday season.