​How to Celebrate Mother’s Day Virtually

Mother’s Day 2020 is likely going to be strange. Many of you may be celebrating virtually, and that can be difficult. At this time, more than ever, it would be nice to get a hug from the mother figures in our lives. But for time being, we shall continue distancing in order to protect those we love. In the spirit of Mother’s Day, here is a list of ways to celebrate your Mom virtually.

1. Make brunch together over video.

My family loves going out for Mother’s Day Brunch, and if we can’t be there in person, be there over video. This is easier if you have a laptop to video chat over, but a propped up phone also works. You can prepare the same meal or choose your own brunch, you can cook “together” or choose to just eat the meal together. However you chose to make brunch, a little face time might be all your mom want’s this Mother’s Day.

2. Send her a personalized card.

If you have any extra stationery at home, send your mom a beautiful card to let her know how much you love her. By taking time out of your day to write a personalized message, writing a card is an extra special way to let someone you love know that you care. Plus who doesn’t love getting a card in the mail!

3. Treat her to a gift card for her favorite salon.

When the world opens up again, getting her hair cut might be one of the first things on your mom’s to-do list. If her favorite salon sells them, purchase a gift card! This not only lets your mom know you care, but it also is a way to support small businesses that are shut down and haven’t received any outside funding yet. She will be grateful and ready for that haircut when the doors to her favorite salon open up again.

4. Send her a gift-wrapped package.

Many small businesses are still shipping (while practicing social distancing of course) and they might even offer gift packaging! Here at Fair Anita, we will wrap up that jewelry in a cute little package, and even include a personalized note from you to your mom. Plus we have a Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale happening now through Mother’s Day, just use code SUPPORTWOMEN at checkout.

5. Donate to an organization in her name.

Maybe your mom isn’t super into gifts. But there are some amazing organizations out there who need support more now than ever.

3 Places to Donate:

Here at Fair Anita, we are collecting money to send to our partners around the world, in addition to our regular upfront payments. Our artisan partners will distribute the donations (in the form of food, medicine, and cleaning supplies) to the families in their communities who need it most.

Global Mamas, another amazing fair trade organization, is raising money to cover the costs of lost income during the COVID 19 epidemic. Donations will go straight to the awesome artisans and their families.

International Justice Mission works to end slavery and domestic violence around the world. This is always a fantastic organization to give to. Check out Fair Anita’s Fair Trade Grab Bag donate to IJM + receive beautiful fair trade products.

Celebrating Mother’s Day while socially distancing is going to be a challenge, but I hope this list helps us make this day special for your mom.