​Gift Guide: Jewelry for $20 or Less

​Gift Guide: Jewelry for $20 or Less

Published by PJ Valenciano on Nov 17th 2020

It’s that time of the year! Shopping, giving, receiving: the culture of shopping is even more heightened during the Holiday Season.

It is hard to escape this annual cultural norm of gift giving, but you can make it more meaningful by supporting brands from your local community. Shopping from brands that are making a purposeful impact to people and the environment makes a lot of difference. In that way, others will truly benefit from your purchase.

And we’ve made it even easier for you, particularly if you are on a budget. We have jewelry gifts $20 or less, which are affordable, fair, and ethical… not to mention really stylish! You truly don’t have to break the bank this gift-giving season!

Newest Jewelry from our Fall Collection

Have you checked our newest fall collection? Neutrals are the central theme of our fall collection, accented with a burst of teals and greens and sometimes a hint of yellow.

However, we also have fun, bright, and festive pieces that earn a spotlight this season!

Our favorite: Monstera Studs - Teal

Bold and Beautiful Brass Jewelry

Our talented artisan partners use pure or upcycled brass, which are locally sourced from their communities. Brass jewelry gives a sense of groundedness and regalty at the same time --- that is why we love them! Plus, they’re easy to clean and maintain.

Our favorite: Art Deco Half Moon Earrings