Fair Trade Gifts for the Women in Your Life: ​​The Environmentalist

The environmentalist gift guide list includes items that are made of recycled materials. You will find items made of recycled horn, bone, and more! You can also check out our full Chile collection which is made of recycled materials and our Ethiopia collection made with recycled bullet casings. #BulletsToBeautiful

  1. Rising Sun Necklace, $14. Made from bone and brass by women in Mumbai, India. The bone is upcycled from a partnership with a local butcher shop, making sure no part of the animal goes to waste. Currently on sale! 
  2. Freeform Horn Earrings, $14. Made from recycled brass and upcycled horn in partnership with a local butcher shop in Mumbai, India. Cool, unique and sustainable? What’s not to love when wearing these earrings or purchasing for a loved one!

  3. Tube Artillery Necklace in Copper, $32. Simple yet bold, this piece is made from genuine leather scraps and recycled bullet casings by women in Ethiopia. 100% recycled copper and leather. It's a short necklace that hangs just below the collar bone. 

  4. Brass Cuff Ring, $24. Our Brass Cuff Ring is a statement piece that goes with everything! This fair trade jewelry is expertly handcrafted by artisan Ana in Santiago, Chile. To make this ethical jewelry, she cuts the metal, sands the edges, add texture, and forms the ring shape. Not many women have this job as it’s typically reserved for men and their “strong hands”, but she does it with skill and ease!

  5. Tiny Bone Studs as Drops, $12. Cute, little earrings are made from upcycled animal bone in partnership with a local butcher shop in India. Made from 100% recycled materials and nickle free you will find these in drop and diamond shapes.