8 Tips for Working From Home

During this unprecedented time, many of us have moved to a home office. Transitioning from working surrounded by your co-workers to working in your home, is a challenge to say the least. Here at Fair Anita, we frequently work remote and would like to offer some tips on how we manage to be productive and work at home.

1. “Get dressed for the day. If you have a Zoom call with your co-workers, this might be the encouragement you need to put on a new top. But on days where you don’t have any virtual meetings, it is still good to get out of bed and put on something other than pajamas. I love being comfy, so leggings are in, but getting dressed for the day reminds me that even though I am home, it is not the weekend and I have work to do.” - Taylor

2. “Keep your morning routine the same as if you were heading into work. Instead set aside your commute time for a midday break or a time to celebrate finishing your work for the day. I typically commute about 1.5 hours every day, so instead of sleeping in, I take a stretch break or solo dance party in the middle of my day to revive my productivity. After I'm done working, I use the time I would typically be driving home to paint, read, cook, or write letters to friends!” - Libby

3. “Keep your "work space" separate from your "living space." Aka don't work from bed unless you really need to... I work in my designated couch spot or at the kitchen table (in the same spot every day), which helps my brain know that it's working time” - Joy

4. “Save daily cleaning for after work. Wait to do your lunch dishes until after "the work day is over." -- when you start cleaning one thing, you can really easily start down a rabbit hole of distraction, wanting to clean the whole home, starting to do other chores... (not sure if this is because I'm lazy, but I swear it's important in my daily work from home routine)” -Joy

5. “Set limits on your phone use. If you need to use your phone throughout your workday, it can be easy to get sucked in by social media or other distracting apps. Set app limits in your settings so you can still use your phone as needed, but it doesn't hinder your ability to get work done.” -Libby

6. “Get up out of that chair. It can be easy to be so into what you're working on that before you know it, you've just spent 8 hours on your computer sitting in the same spot. Set a timer to remind you to get up and move at least once every hour. Walk around, do some jumping jacks or stretch with a couple cat cows, have a mini dance party. Any sort of movement is good for your body and your brain!” -Anna

7. “Set aside a time for lunch and stick to it. It can be really easy to forget to eat lunch and then have a drop in energy or eat junk food later in the day. Also make a point to drink lots of water. I have trouble staying hydrated when I'm not in a set work routine, so I'm trying to make sure to drink lots of herbal tea.” - Anna

8. “Get outside. Or at least sit in the sunlight. Those of us that live in northern states really get how important the sun is. But now that you don’t have your morning commute and you are not running around town, it is still important to get out and see the sun. Maybe take a stroll around the block on your lunch break. To get my daily dose of vitamin D, I set up my home office in the sunniest room in my house.” - Taylor

We truly hope that this helps. If you are wondering how our artisan partners around the world are affected by Covid-19, check out this blog post. And THANK YOU for all your support of Fair Anita and other small businesses at this time!

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