5 Habits that will Help You Invest in Women this Year

Here are 5 habits you can develop this year that will help you to better invest in women.

  1. Support locally-owned, women-run businesses.
  2. Celebrate the accomplishments of your own co-workers, friends, and family.
  3. Give back to organizations that support women.
  4. Share your own knowledge, life experiences, and skills to help other women around you.
  5. Take care of yourself.

Number one, support locally-owned, women-run businesses. Did you know that for every dollar a woman earns she typically reinvests 80 cents back in to her community? When you shop at women-run businesses you are not only supporting one woman’s economic independence, but inadvertently you are also adding value to the community around her. Supporting locally-owned, women-run businesses is really a win-win.

Number two, celebrate the accomplishments of your co-workers, friends, and family. Even the smallest accomplishment can be a huge win for someone. You want to see the women in your life succeed, so why not show them that? If your co-worker just completed a project that you know she poured her heart into, make sure you and everyone else in the office know just how awesome it is that she finished it! Praising the women around you for achieving their goals is a great way to encourage them to keep pushing for higher heights and also making sure that they are given the recognition they deserve from others as well.

Number three, give back to organizations that support women. This one can look so many different ways. Maybe you donate clothing to an organization that helps women dress for job interviews, or volunteer to help women study for the GED, or simply donate money to a specific group. There are so many ways both big and small that you can give back to women- focused organizations in your community.

Number four, share your own knowledge, life experiences, and skills to help other women around you. You are a smart, capable, and talented individual that has unique perspectives on certain topics. Whether that be computer coding or how to stay organized, you have talents that you can share with the women around you to help them succeed! Based on what skill you are sharing, this might look like a small information session at your business place, a little get together with some girlfriends of yours, part of a community event session, or something else entirely! Take a few minutes to brainstorm what you love doing and what you excel at, then find a way you can share this talent with others.

Number five, take care of yourself. You’ve probably heard the phrase “you can’t help others, until you help yourself” and it’s true. Before spending money at a women-owned business, make sure you have the budget to do so. Before sharing your skills with the community, make sure you have are able to set time aside specifically for that and you’re not adding too much to your plate. And most of all be sure that you have the mental, emotional, and physical capacity to help others before you start a project. Investing in women starts with yourself. So build a good foundation and then follow these other suggestions from there.