• Holiday Gift Guide 2023

    Nov 21st 2023

    Holiday Gift Guide 2023

    Hey Babes!You didn’t think we’d leave you hanging after starting our biggest sale of the year did, you? Our team in the warehouse has compiled the perfect Fair Anita gift guide to cover all of your ho…

    Published by Ethan Neth

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  • A Shift In Perspective

    May 9th 2023

    A Shift In Perspective

    A Shift In PerspectiveAs soon as you step foot into India, you are catapulted into sensory overdrive – cars honking, dogs running past, oppressive heat swallowing you up, eyes of all the passersby bor…

    Published by Libby Ames

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  • 8th Annual Benefit Report

    May 2nd 2023

    8th Annual Benefit Report

    Eighth Annual Benefit ReportAs a social enterprise and Public Benefit Corporation, we're for-profit AND for good. This Annual Benefit Report is a key document in assessing the impact of Fair Anita’s e…

    Published by Pj Valenciano

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  • My Journey of Womanhood

    Mar 22nd 2023

    My Journey of Womanhood

    My Journey of WomanhoodTW: Mentions of SAIn retrospect growing up as a girl in a third-world country was, in general, hard. It was hard because I experienced different forms of prejudices and labels b…

    Published by Pj Valenciano

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  • Be Your Own Valentine!

    Feb 10th 2023

    Be Your Own Valentine!

    Be Your Own Valentine!It’s that time of year again, love is in the air! Everything is red and pink, and the stores are full of cute teddy bears and chocolates. That must mean it’s Valentine’s Day agai…

    Published by Kamarah Short

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  • ​Ways to Celebrate Galentine's Day!

    Feb 8th 2023

    ​Ways to Celebrate Galentine's Day!

    Ways to Celebrate Galentine's Day!It’s February and you know what that means— it’s Valentine’s Day! Most people have mixed feelings when you mention V-Day because of how mass media popularize this day…

    Published by Pj Valenciano

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  • How I found fair trade

    Jan 5th 2023

    How I found fair trade

    How I found fair tradeWe’ve all had jobs where we felt underpaid, and undervalued for our skill, talent, or service. In the process, you feel unappreciated and unworthy. I’ve had my share of similar e…

    Published by Pj Valenciano

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  • What's My Purpose?

    Oct 27th 2022

    What's My Purpose?

    What's My Purpose?One of my personal mottos has always been “Follow your passion, and fortune will follow.” This motto evolved in meaning and changed dramatically over the years. Right now, I have cha…

    Published by Pj Valenciano

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