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Fair Anita Third Annual Benefit Report

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As a social enterprise and Public Benefit Corporation, we're for-profit AND for-good.

Our mission is legally-defined as "empowering under-resourced women through our supply chain and business operations." Each year, we report our organization's impact to the state of Minnesota.

View the full report for 2017 here.

Highlights include:

  • Investing over $148,194 in our artisan partners around the world (in one year alone!)
  • Growing our sales by 3x
  • 45% of our artisan partners were able to employ more women as a result of working with Fair Anita
  • 98% of our customers say they're likely or very likely to recommend Fair Anita to a friend
  • One artisan testimonial: "We are crying with happiness when we work. With our disabilities, we never thought we would earn money like this.” - Peru

+ so much more! Read about all of our highlights from 2017, statistics on our work with artisans, testimonials, and strategic growth plans for 2018 in our Third Annual Benefit Report.

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